Picosecond​ - 532 nm, 15 W

​​​Picosecond​ - 1064 nm, 30 W

Picosecond​ - 1064 nm, 8 W

UV​ - 355 nm, 10 W

Reliable and cost-effective laser solutions

UV​ - 355 nm, 15 W

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  • Fiber Laser Technology
  • Short Pulse Generation
  • Solid-State Amplification
  • Fiber Amplification
  • Harmonic Generation

Elixir Photonics Incorporated is dedicated to providing reliable, industrial-grade picosecond lasers for precision micromachining applications.  We also provide frequency conversion options to deliver picosecond green and nanosecond UV lasers.

Elixir Photonics Incorporated was established in March 2015 and is located in Fremont, California.  As a company, we are new and energetic.  As a team, we are technology veterans with an accumulation of more than 100 years of total experience in industrial short pulse laser and UV laser development and manufacturing.

Our goal is to become your partner in the precision micromachining industry and we are striving to provide you with reliable, compact and cost-effective solutions.